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Karina Bakery, Inc. was founded in 1977. In 1981 a family emigrated from Cuba, the Montero’s, decided to invest their lifetime savings to live the American Dream. Betting just on their hard work and determination they bought the company assets, a bet that paid off.

More than 35 years had passed and now Karina Bakery, Inc. is well known in the industry for the prestigious brands that they exclusively represent such as Little Debbie, Gullón Biscuits, Daddy Ray’s, Kisko Products, Serpis, Cal-Nort, Archway, Raquel’s among others. Representation and distribution is not their only strength, they are also know for being manufacturers of a variety of delicious gelatin desserts, custards, guava pastries and sweet breads under brands such as Kopelia, Raquel’s and also private labels.

Our key to success is being selective in the brands we choose and always keep looking for distinctive products that offers our clients innovation, quality and value.

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